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Executive Leadership

CIO/CISO & VP Technology Services

Strategic Leadership Consultancy to identify technology gaps & risks, develop strategies and execution roadmaps. Our skilled CIO/VP Technology advisers will help you with a blueprint for success ranging from IT Governance and Enterprise Architecture to Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation.


Re-imagine & innovate to propel your organization ahead with the right Cloud & Digital Transformation strategies, brought to you by our professionals who have done this before. Take the guessing out of cloud only vs hybrid cloud decisions.


Develop and launch your Product Strategies with our Product Management services; our Product Managers will quickly bring your ideas to fruition following product management frameworks and best practises. From ideation to product launch, we cover all the necessary phases of the product management stack to meet your time to market objectives.
Managed Security

Cybersecurity & Operations

Risk Assessment

Understand your security posture with our Risk Assessment Service. We will identify and map your controls against Security Frameworks based on your organization’s profile. We will provide you a gap analysis of where you are vs. where you need to be with a roadmap of how to get there.

Managed Security Services

We look at Managed Security Services as a program. We take a strategic approach by first making sure you have the right controls in place to adequately protect your organization followed by operationalizing those controls and ensuring they are meeting the key performance indicators of your program.

Incident Response Planning

Develop your playbook on how to respond to cyber incidents. Our Incident Response Planning service will identify scenarios based on critical Business Impact and help you develop your response plan to ensure business continuity and maintain reputational integrity.
From Ideation to Build

Software & Solutions

Business Analysis

Unblock your projects by bridging the gap between your product roadmaps and technology development with our unique Business Analysis Service. We will distill your requirements and provide a blueprint that technology teams can follow easily while benefiting quality control, marketing, operations, and other down stream processes. This critical step is important in aligning all teams in the productization process.

Solution Architecture

You have invested time and money in creating your product vision and requirements, don't let the final product fall short due to inadequate design or a clear architecture of how it fits into your enterprise or your platform ecosystem. Let our expert architects guide this process so you know your solutions will meet your business objectives over time.

Software Development

Our team of full-stack developers will advance your technology development on a project basis or as an extension of your teams. Whether it is cloud or on-premises environments, we will ensure that your solutions are secure, robust and reliable while meeting your project timelines and budgets.

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