Code of Conduct

We Have A Safe Whistleblowing Space For Our People And Partners

We should all feel safe coming to work – always. The work we do impacts vulnerable people, including children. So it’s vitally important that you tell us if someone who works here isn’t living up to our high standards of integrity.

If you’ve seen or suspect illegal or unethical behaviour, report it.

If you can tell a manager or the HR team, do. Ideally, you’ll exhaust all our usual ways of fixing problems before coming here.

But if you’ve already done that, or you don’t feel safe, use our system to make a report.

If you work for one of our partners and are worried about something you’ve seen from a member of our team, you can use the same site to tell us.

Your report is strictly confidential, so please speak freely.

We’ll ask you to tell us who you are if you can. But you can make a report anonymously. When you open a secure mailbox through the site, we can get in touch with you privately.

Make a report through our whistleblowing system

Tips for making a report safely:

  • Avoid using your work computer or device
  • Make sure you’re not on the company WiFi or network
  • Copy and paste into a browser, rather than clicking the link.

Not sure what to report?

Tell us about anything that breaches our code of conduct, policies, or guidelines, or that’s against the law. This list doesn’t cover absolutely everything, but should give you an idea what kind of things we need to know about.

  • Anything to do with child safeguarding
  • A conflict of interest (for example someone also working with a company whose policies directly contradict ours)
  • Anyone taking or giving bribes, or any kind of corruption or money laundering
  • Issues of business ethics
  • Inappropriate behaviour, workplace bullying, sexual harassment, or violence
  • Discrimination
  • Fraud, theft, or financial crimes
  • Personal rights, including data protection
  • Healthy and safety breaches
  • Environmental damage
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