Critical Control & Risk Management

A holistic view of your critical controls performance

The best defence against a cyberattack is to implement a cohesive set of security controls

ProtechSuite’s Critical Controls and Risk Management capability provides a holistic view of the performance of an organization’s critical controls. It also makes it easier to plan, implement and adjust cybersecurity frameworks based on regulatory frameworks requirements. (NIST, CIS

We position cybersecurity as an organization responsibility instead of only a technical one. This enables every level of the organization with access to the information it needs to protect itself from persistent threats while satisfying regulatory and compliance requirements.

Cyber security concerns addressed by ProtechSuite:

How secure is your organization?

How comprehensive is your cyber security strategy?

How bulletproof are your cyber security controls?

Can you accurately measure breach risk & cyber security resilience?

How effective is your vulnerability management?

How capable are you at identifying advanced persistent threats?

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