Want to reach your customers in a unique way?

Have a custom process that cannot fit an off-the-shelf solution?

Have a great idea but need help turning it into reality?

This is where J-SAS can help.

J-SAS Inc. has been providing custom software solutions and professional services to the Canadian market for over 10 years. Our expertise is in product management and custom software development, which we use to help primarily small to medium sized businesses turn their ideas into reality. We find that these groups in particular, want to stay lean and focused on building their competitive advantage.

We work with you to identify the business problem(s) to be solved and convert these findings into product requirements. We then develop affordable, reliable and secure software allowing you to optimize and grow your business.

We currently have a product of our own and are currently developing our second, as we continue to uncover new ways to help you succeed. We are excited to tell you more about them here:

Who You Are

You are a leader in your organization who:

  • Wants to keep current resources focused on your competitive advantage
  • Lacks internal resources or technical expertise to produce in-house
  • Has unique needs that cannot fit off-the-shelf solutions
  • Wants to spend more time on strategic action
  • Wants to develop your business
  • Wants a world-class supplier suitable for the strategic needs of your organization

Who We Are

J-SAS is available to help organizations

  • A team of professionals with technical and managerial expertise
  • Provides you with a balance of cost, quality and service.
  • Proven track record with over 10 years of success stories.
  • Ability to help you bring a product/service to market faster.
  • Wants to develop your business
  • Complete and coherent procedures and best practises to ensure you get the support you require.


We are able to understand and quickly address your needs, allowing you to stay focused on running your business. The software that we build is completely customized to meet your specific needs. We pride ourselves on flexibility, speed, response, availability and loyalty and look forward to building a successful product with you.